AABC Driving school is one of Wisconsin's oldest and most respected driving schools. Started in 1971, AABC Driving School had locations in both Green Bay and Racine. Tom LaPlante joined AABC as an instructor in 1987 after recovering from a motorcycle accident caused by a drunk driver.

In 1989, the Green Bay school was purchased by Howard LaPlante, and Tom took over as general manager. With Howard's experience as an accident investigator and Tom's experience with the effects of drunk driving, they were able to add their personal stories to the classroom and in-car training.

A few years later, AABC opened up a new location on the west side of Green Bay at 712 Gray Street, to better serve students to the north and west.

In 1999, Tom took over as owner and general manager of AABC and has been the driving force behind the ongoing success of AABC Driving School.

Today we continue to teach young drivers to be safe and responsible behind the wheel. We look at ourselves as life coaches, so we take our job very seriously. When it comes to preparing young people for driving on our streets and highways you can not be complacent in your approach either in the classroom or behind the wheel. We love what we do! Drivers education is our passion and the life long driving success of your son or daughter is our top priority.