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Student's should be about 15 or older. All driver education programs must be completed within a 13 month period or a refresher course must be taken.
A student must be at least 15 years to receive their temporary license (temps). Each student must take and pass the knowledge and sign tests, as well as a vision test in order to receive their temps. At AABC Driving School students who choose our in person courses will be given the knowledge and sign test in the classroom. After a student passes the "temps test", they will take their test results to the DMV where an eye test will be administered and their photo will be taken prior to receiving their temps. Online course students will need to take the test at the DMV or set up an appointment to take the test at our office.
Our online course was specifically designed for our school to mirror what is taught in person. Both courses will cover the material to prepare your student for the temps test, in car lessons and their final exam.

Either course follows the state-mandated requirements of 30 hours total with a maximum length of 2 hours per day.
Students must schedule their first behind-the-wheel lesson within 60 days of receiving a temporary drivers license. Students in our Complete Courses or In-Car Only Course can schedule their lessons with our office any time after receiving the temporary license.

Students who complete our online only will receive a completion form to begin their in-car lessons at a school of their choice. Scheduling of lessons will be up to that school.
Students have six hours of required driving with an instructor, along with six hours of observation. We recommend that you schedule one in car lesson per month for six months, and the last in car lesson about a week before the road test.
Each driving lesson will run approximately two hours. One hour is spent driving and one hour is spent observing.
Students must hold their permits for a minimum of six (6) months. The road test can be scheduled 11 weeks prior to eligible test date. Click here to schedule your road test with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.